Via di Castiglioni

How to get there with your own vehicle

From Montespertoli, take county road n.4 “Volterrana” toward Florence until the Bridge of Baccaiano, then you can either:

  1. continue on the Volterrana toward Cerbaia/San Casciano until Montagnana, then turn left toward Montegufoni, Castiglioni following the brown signs, until you reach the sign that starts the path.
  2. turn left on county road n. 80 toward Ginestra- Montelupo-Empoli until shortly before Ginestra, where you’ll find a sign for Via di Castiglioni, then turn right and continue until you reach the sign that starts the path.

How to get there with public transportation

PiùBus n. 37, Montagnana stop

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For further information please contact:

Montespertoli Tourist Office
Piazza Machiavelli, 13 – Montespertoli (FI)
+39 0571 600255

Museo della Vite e del Vino
Via Lucardese, 74 – Montespertoli (FI)
+39 0571 606068